VIDEO: News Anchor in Dallas Makes Epic Speech About Racism

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Dale Hansen is a news anchor in the Dallas area who is known for his special segments called “Dale Hansen Unplugged”. He tackles issues that most media types like to stay away from.

In this video, Dale explores the fallacy of his father’s that all the black people he knew were good, and all the ones he didn’t were N-words.

He says, “I was raised in a small Iowa farm town that had only one black family in the county, and was raised by a man who used the “N-word” like it was a proper noun. I think I was 12 before I realized that the N-word actually wasn’t the first name of Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Elston Howard, and so many more.

My dad always referred to the black athlete (and any person of color he didn’t know) that way, but he loved the Matthews family. Henry and Billie Matthews were good people… the whole family was. My dad always said they were “different.”

The one black family he knew were good people; all the others he didn’t know? They were the bad people.

The ignorance in that reasoning, if you think about it long enough, will twist your mind.

And it twisted mine.”

It’s something he struggled with until early adulthood, and something young people of all colors struggle with today.

Hansen urges people to get out and meet people who ‘aren’t like you’, you’ll likely discover they are good people.

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He concludes with a quote: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein.

Here’s the video. Take 3 minutes to watch it. It’s worth every second.

(Video courtesy WFAA Youtube channel)


Epic wasn’t it. Gave me chills.

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