BLUE BELL IS BACK!!! (At least in some areas)

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We did the impossible. We survived a summer without Blue Bell ice cream.

One day our grandchildren will look at us with awe-filled eyes and ask us how we even survived!

From KXXV: 11953097_10207413005825983_7704751900969382561_n

Blue Bell ice cream is back.

Blue Bell Creameries resumed selling its products at select locations Monday, four months after the Texas-based retailer halted sales due to listeria contamination.

Blue Bell ice cream is now available at stores in the Houston and Austin areas, including in the company’s hometown of Brenham, plus parts of Alabama.

Some retailers limited purchases as Blue Bell rolled out flavors including homemade vanilla, Dutch chocolate, cookies ‘n cream and a side-by-side blend of chocolate and vanilla.

“So that all of our customers can enjoy this delicious treat, please limit your purchase to two Blue Bell items,” read a sign on a freezer door at one grocery store.

A grocery store in the Houston area celebrated the return of the treats by holding a Blue Bell ice cream-eating contest Monday.

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