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It was like a scene from the recent movie “God’s Not Dead”. Students in one Katy, Texas middle school were forced to say that the God of Christianity was not real or fail the class.

Josh Chapin of KHOU in Houston broke this story.


“Hey mom so in reading today we were required to say that God is just a myth,” seventh grader Jordan Wooley texted her mom Chantel. Jordan explained in a video posted on her mother’s Facebook page that their reading class was learning the difference between fact, opinion, and commonplace assertions. Jordan described commonplace assertions were taught as “something commonly stated, but untrue” and “basically a myth.”

When asked how it made her feel in the video, Jordan replied, “that she was taking away my religion and what I believed in”

Jordan testified before the Katy Independent School District board meeting on her experience:

“Today I was given an assignment in school that questioned my faith and told me that God was not real.”

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According to Jordan’s testimony, her teacher told the class that anyone who answered fact or opinion was wrong regarding the existence of God—and that God is only a myth. She said that when a student asked if they could answer according to their beliefs, her teacher told them they would fail the paper.

Jordan described her classmates reactions:

  • “My friend, she went home and she started crying. And she was actually supposed to come with me, but she didn’t think she could. So my friend, she turned in her paper and she had still put that God was a fact and to be true. And my teacher crossed the answer out several times, telling her that it was completely wrong.”
  • “And my other friend, she got really upset, and she started arguing with the teacher and the teacher got mad. And my friend, she wound up slamming everything off of her desk because she got really aggravated with the whole issue.”
  • “Another child had asked the teacher if we could try to put what we believe in on the paper and she said you can if you want to get the problem wrong which you’ll fail, you’ll fail the paper if you do.”

Jordan ended her testimony by stating, “And when I tried to talk to my teacher about it, she told me that it doesn’t have anything to do with religion because the problem was just saying that there is no God.”

The school board has apologized and the teacher is said to be mortified at the response to an assignment she claims was just an exercise in critical thinking.

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