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The grocery story of choice for many Texans, HEB, has announced they will not be allowing customers who are openly carrying guns into their stores when the new open carry law takes effect next week.

KXXV is reporting that:

Just a week away from Texas’ open carry law going into effect, Texas grocery giant H-E-B says the company will not allow customers to openly carry guns in its stores. 

The store is posting signs at its entrances prohibiting open carry. An H-E-B spokeswoman says the store is maintaining a long-held policy to only permit concealed carry in its stores.

Texas is set to become the 45th state to legalize wearing handguns openly, though Texans could already carry rifles and long guns.

People openly carrying a gun will still be required to have the same license as concealed weapons holders.

When the news was announced Texans took the the HEB facebook page to express their displeasure.fbquote

Raymond P. posted this:
I am very disappointed in the way Open Carry was prohibited by HEB.
Because you choose to dictate the manner by which I must carry and play political games with the new permissions we have, to carry openly carry pistols, I will tell all my friends and neighbors to deny you the pleasure of our business. So long as this misguided policy of making your grocery store dabble in the politically charged world of gun rights and falling on the wrong side of this issue, I will not shop at your store. I hope you care about what I am telling you because your stance is irrational, based on no common sense. I would urge you to reconsider and merely follow state law and let law abiding citizens shop and carry as they wish without a need to disturb their firearms or cause alarm by adjusting their dress before walking into your store.
It is a shame that in order to shop at HEB with a pistol a law abiding person must wear sloppy overly large loose fitting cloths to be able to hide and conceal their weapon. Or that ladies must put their pistols into purses that may be stolen from them or not allow good secure retention of their firearms in order to deploy if the need arises. You will lose $$$$$ in the coming months.
If the matter is under review and there is a possibility of 30.07 signs being removed then let me know, if not then tell me why I should reconsider shopping at a store that would not even give Open Carry a chance? My money can just go elsewhere.


Get the credit card that rewards you for being Texan. The I AM A TEXAN Rewards Visa.

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