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Texas is just one of the states of the union that has been finding itself with residents who have been trying to set up and follow their own Sharia Law legal system. In response, the state has just passed a bill that will prevent the establishment of Shariah Law Courts within the state.

Last year, in Irving, Mayor Beth Van Duyne had to address the issue that a group of Muslims had established and set up their own Sharia Law Court within the city. The unlicensed courts made it clear that when American laws conflicted with Sharia Law, the Islamic rules would supersede American Law.

Islamic activists have also made it clear that they do not respect the American legal system. Mustafa Caroll, the Executive Director of the Dallas-Fort Worth Center on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said.

CAIR, if you are unaware, was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation, as well as provided aid to the family of the San Bernardino terrorists rather than to the victims of radical Islam.

These cases have had Americans concerned about the future of their country as it is inhabited by residents who are refusing to assimilate.

The bill provided the following background and purpose to its existence:

“Concerned parties note that most states, including Texas, have no established policy regarding the manner in which courts and judges should address issues pertaining to foreign law. The parties’ research indicates that several states have enacted some form of law, including the American Laws for American Courts, to address foreign legal doctrines and laws, and several other states are considering such a law. These concerned parties believe that Texas courts should not enforce a foreign law that violates Texas public policy and believe that Texas needs a tool to provide clear guidance for judges and courts during family law proceedings that involve the application of foreign law.”

Though Senate Bill 531 does not specifically mention Sharia Law, it does make it clear that foreign law is invalid when it contradicts American laws. That would include stoning an adulterer, dismembering a thief, and executing someone who decides not to worship in a particular religion anymore.

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