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by Austin Meyer:

I am being sued for using the Google Play Store.
Others have been sued for using WIFI and scanners.
It takes years, and about THREE MILLION DOLLARS, to defend yourself in these types of lawsuits.

This is called Patent-Trolling, and you may be next.

Video here:

It costs about $3,000,000 to defend yourself in a patent-infringment lawsuit. The average settlement is about $315,000. So 97% of the people being sued take the settlement. Small companies can NOT defend themselves: They are FORCED to settle. Big companies will NOT defend themselves: It is CHEAPER to settle. So the ONLY time anyone defends himself is if has has $3,000,000, and morality, at the same time. This basically never happens. So the patent trolls keep suing, and bringing in the $315,000 settlements, over and over. As the trolls run out of mid-range targets like myself, they will go deeper and deeper into the user-base.


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