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Warning: The video in this story is disturbing.

Facebook user Serena Teakell was horrified by a video showing a dog being shot and fireworks lit and stuffed inside its body which was making the rounds via Snapchat message.

So, she uploaded it asking folks to come forward if they knew who the perpetrators were.

The video garnered over 2 million views before it was taken down by facebook moderators.

People from all over the world commented on the video. Some wishing for the thugs who killed the dog to be killed in exactly the same manner. Others wondering why she would dare post that video when black people are being killed by police.

She responded:

IN RESPONSE TO SOME MESSAGING ME AND COMMENTING ON THE VIRAL VIDEO* I’ve been getting a lot of “you’re more upset about a dog than human lives #blacklivesmatter.”

I’d just like you to know that I have an even stronger reaction about cops murdering innocent people. Right now though… THIS is what’s going on in MY COMMUNITY. I posted this video, just like I post videos of every kind of injustice. I feel just as upset as you or anyone else that this is getting more attention than other things going on in the world. My uncle, Christopher Teakell, was murdered by Waco police in 1994 and his murder was swept under the rug. My family found out by watching the story unfold on the news. My cousin had to grow up without a father. My grandparents lost their first born child. I lost my favorite person. I understand the pain of cop killings, I’ve lived it.

The dog’s owner knew that his dog was missing, but he was horrified when a friend sent him the video saying it looked like his missing dog. He knew immediately what had happened and was beyond angry.

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KCEN TV posted this interview with the owner to their facebook page:

Update: Police in Hewitt, Texas are now saying that they know one of the men involved is a resident of Hewitt, but have no jurisdiction as the crime actually took place outside China Spring, Texas.  We will keep this story updated as we find out more.

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