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by Pastor David Cassidy

So there’s a long-concealed audio tape that may just be the undoing of a Republican leader. We’ve seen that script before. The GOP leaders in 1974 went to Richard Nixon and delivered the necessary news. The grownups in the GOP today need to step up and fire Trump. If they won’t do so, Mike Pence should resign from the ticket. I love you all, but the continuing support for Trump from Christian leaders isn’t defensible.

This is surely the saddest political spectacle I’ve seen in my life, and it is so embarrassing for this country. Wow, do we need to pray – which is no doubt the point, if there is one at all. I love you all, and thank the Lord for you all. I’m not attacking you or your blood-bought privilege to vote as you see fit; I’m NOT saying who I will vote for – I never do. My problem is with so many Christian leaders endorsing Trump, which is frankly incredible to me; and, secondly, a feckless GOP leadership that won’t stand up to him. As a former GOP guy who grew up solidly in that fold, I’m stunned at the way the Party Leadership has folded in the face of this horrendous candidate, who is destroying their party and distorting their message.

I’m not commenting on whether or not YOU think Trump is the candidate that gets your vote; if you’re convinced he’s worthy of it, OK. I understand that the economic uncertainties and fears, revulsion at the Clintons, and disgust with the political establishment are reasons many people have turned to Donald Trump as a person worthy of their hopes. I get it, even if I think that’s a misplaced hope. Many good friends support him and I support them.

But that tape surely changes things for many people. That’s your GOP leader bragging about being a sexual predator. Let that sink in. Then we have his ‘apology’… “Locker Room banter… Bill said worse on the golf course….” Sexual assault … minimized and excused. Let that sink in too.

My comments here concern two things. First, I wonder whether or not the GOP leadership has the guts to step in and dump from its most senior role an advocate for violence against women and for sexual assault. Personally, I doubt it. We shall see. Here’s the second: Christian leaders have been endorsing this man – incredible to me throughout this craziness, but it’s happened; I am urgently asking all such major, public figures to withdraw that endorsement, and hoping others will refrain from doing so as the election draws closer. Fathers, husbands, and pastors should not endorse men who advocate sexual assault and then minimize it by some flagrantly pathetic so-called explanation/apology.

I wrote to Mike Pence and urged him to confront Trump and demand that he go. If Trump refuses, I wrote, Governor Pence should do the honorable thing and resign from the ticket. In an election marked by dishonorable conduct from both major party candidates, and disturbing ignorance from the leading third party standard bearer, we can at least publicly demand that men and women of honor and respect for all Americans step up and lead the way on principles that fundamentally unite us as Americans. GOP friends, you despise Bill Clinton’s treatment of women? Good. Now back up that outrage by making sure it doesn’t have political boundaries. Men abusing women are men abusing women, and it doesn’t matter what their politics are or are not.

Trump’s words are not locker room banter. They describe sexual assault. His excuse for those words is an insult to honorable men and a terror to all women. There is no way Trump should be President, and I earnestly hope he will this weekend step aside as the Presidential candidate of the GOP.

Please don’t bother in the comment sections with responses like, “Yes, but Hillary is… so I have to vote for Trump”, etc. You’re missing the point my friend. I already get that you don’t want to vote for her – fine. The point is, Christian leaders are endorsing Trump – which is nuts – and the GOP leadership needs to intervene – but probably won’t (though if they do, I’d actually rejoice). Comment on whether or not they will. Comment on whether Pastors and Christian social leaders should endorse sexual predators. If you think they should, tell your daughters and wives and sons and husbands that such behavior represents this nation and is legitimate in a President; tell your husband and son that ‘locker room banter’ like this is excusable. Ask yourself if you supported Bill Clinton’s impeachment back in the day – and if you did, ask yourself why you think you can be for that and for Trump at the same time.

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Women, you know this is evil. Men, you have GOT to know this is horrendous and has to be stopped.

This has gone too far. And its time for Trump to go.

Pastor Cassidy’s original post can be found here.

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