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Are you willing to fork out $5 or more for an avocado? Experts say you may have to.
It’s every Tex-Mex lovers nightmare.

The star of guacamole, the cornerstone of fajitas, and the joy of foodies all over the USA, the avocado is in short supply.

And it’s only getting worse.

From MySanAntonio.com

Mexican growers are withholding (avocados) as they try to negotiate higher payment from packers, and now the wholesale avocado price is two to four times higher than usual. As the primary U.S. supplier this time of year, after California’s season has ended and not much is coming out of Chile or Peru, the growers in Mexico have leverage.
Last year at this time, the United States imported 45 million pounds of avocados weekly from Mexico, but it imported only 13 million pounds last week, according to the Hass Avocado Board.

What that means for those of us who love avocados is that we’re going to have to pay to play… or eat, in this instance.

So how much is an avocado worth to you? $5?, $10?, $100?

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