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George P. Bush said Tuesday that his uncle, former President George W. Bush, may join his grandfather George H.W. Bush in casting his ballots for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, according to the Associated Press.

Bush, the current Texas Land Commissioner made the shocking prediction to many Texans last night while he was speaking at a small Republican rally in San Marcos, Texas at a time when many loyal Republican voters are seen as ‘coming home’ to vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

He stated that both his grandfather, George H.W. Bush, and his uncle, George W. Bush may be voting for Hillary Clinton.

Later on he softened his statement a bit in a statement to a reporter from the Associated Press.

Politico reports:

Later asked to clarify his comments by the AP, George P. Bush said that he was just “speculating” and couldn’t say with certainty how they’d vote… POLITICO reported in September that George H.W. Bush plans to vote for Clinton over Trump on Nov. 8, according to the member of another prominent political family, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy… Though neither former president has openly stated his support for Clinton, their silence on the Republican nominee has spoken volumes.

This shocking development is certain to add fuel to the already raging bonfire of “New World Order” and “Political Dynasties”.

So far, no statements have been released by either former President Bush.


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