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Many in the press are claiming that an apparent supporter of Donald Trump had clear criminal intentions when he/she placed a Trump sign inside a polling zone in Plano, Texas earlier this week.

The sign was found zip-tied to an official polling site sign at Collin College. When poll workers arrived at the location, they were required to remove the sign as it violated the voting place’s campaign-free zone.

Apparently knowing this fact, the individual who placed the sign set up a nasty trap. When a worker attempted to remove the sign to put the polling location in federal compliance, the worker’s hands were cut by several razor blades hidden on the bottom of the sign.

Though the blades drew blood and injured the pollster’s fingers, the cuts were not serious.

As a result, the Texas Rangers are now investigating the attack, and all other signs on the campus are being inspected to ensure that no other innocent parties are harmed.

Many Democrats are up in arms saying that “deplorable” Donald Trump supporters are at fault, however, it would be wise to reserve judgement until all the facts are known. This wouldn’t be the first time that liberals have staged “hate crimes” in order to make their conservative counterparts look bad.

In the meantime, no matter who is responsible, we hope the injured poll worker gets well soon.

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