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So this is happening.

Apparently, thousands of Muslims are threatening to deport themselves if Donald Trump is elected tomorrow.

From MashShare:

The Muslim residents in Dearborn, Michigan say that Trump would be a danger to the United States of America. The Republican presidential nominee has said that “Islam hates us” and those residents don’t agree with that. Some have said that they will leave for Canada if Trump becomes President. “His goal is to upset and anger people.” The only reason that people are going to get upset about this is because they are facts! If the comeback you have against a fact is that it shouldn’t be stated because it’s going “upset and anger people” then you need a reality check.

It actually seems ironic that the Muslims of this city are threatening to leave the United States if Trump wins the presidency. So you know what needs to be done right? This article needs to be shared to show as many people as possible this “threat” from the Muslim community in Dearborn.

I’m sure that the folks who support Donald Trump are wavering on their support now that Muslims are threatening to leave.

Ok, no they’re not.

I’m actually quite positive that this is the kind of threat that will get even more Donald Trump supporters to the polls.

In this political year of mud-slinging and empty threats, it really is disheartening to see constant separation rather than unification.

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