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by Pete Mecca

As a baby boomer of parents from the Greatest Generation, I grew up in a country where the adults called to mind the lean days of the Great Depression followed by the hardships and heartbreaks of WWII.

Korea was seldom mentioned. As a budding future historian, the ‘limited’ no-win war on the Korean Peninsula struck me as a misuse of material and men, but surely a harsh geopolitical lesson learned by the powers that-be floundering in the realities of a Cold War.

Certainly, America would not send American soldiers into another war with one hand tied behind their backs.

I was 100 percent correct. American soldiers did not enter the war in Vietnam with one hand tied behind their backs; they had both hands shackled. I slowly lost confidence in the federal government — not my country, but a collection of seemingly disorganized politicians unable to cope with the fact that a third world nation was holding their own against the military clout of the United States.

North Vietnam was in the war to win; their opponent, the U.S.A., believed gradual ‘escalation’ would wear down a determined enemy, like a big bully allowing a weakling 10 to 1 punches just to prove how tough he is.

Washington claimed victory in the Cold War, yet that indistinct triumph was the result of overwhelming military technology and capacity to out-spend the Soviet Union.

The Gulf War was plugged as an allied victory, which indeed it was, but only because the American military unleashed every bullet and bomb in our mighty arsenal.

Victory, or a ‘win’, comes from strength, not appeasement. As Teddy Roosevelt smartly advised, “Walk softly, but carry a big stick.” Good advice, but our leaders must possess the resolve to ‘apply’ the big stick when necessary.

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I am a non-apologetic white freedom-loving Christian American with no tolerance, nor as Clinton suggested ‘empathy’, for any religion, country, or ideology bent on destroying my country. Albeit, my beloved country is not the same country I grew up in.

Back in my day there was a clear-cut difference between good vs evil, right vs wrong, freedom vs slavery, and common sense vs failed viewpoints wrapped in diverse packaging. Not now. America has been propelled into the swampy grey sphere of ‘misspoke’, ‘misquoted’, and miserable management.

Anyone believing our national political structure is the best thing since a peanut butter and jelly sandwich plus void of massive corruption possesses an I.Q. several points below that of a worm.

The American public has been had. We’ve been lied to, manipulated, fleeced, our intelligence insulted, and our future decimated. Tragic thing is, a big chunk of the culpability falls right in our own laps.

We have not held our leaders accountable. Instead, we have subsidized disaster and treachery based on our own political beliefs without facing the cold fact that one of ‘ours’ is lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon wheel rut.

Republicans defend their own; Democrats defend their own, so who defends us?

AmIacynic? No,I’m a pragmatist. I’ve lived long enough to become a hardcore Independent after being disappointed by politicians on both sides of the aisle year after year after year. Our country cannot return to greatness, fairness, and peace among our peoples until we drain the swamp in Washington, DC.

We need a fresh start, we need a breather from violence and division, we need jobs, we need protection and the truth, and we must do this through ballots, not bullets.

The rigged election system reared its ugly head like never before during the primaries. We KNOW in many cases our votes don’t even count, so who’s to blame? We are; we’ve let it happen, and we can correct it.


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