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Sometimes we think aloud… or silently. Some of those thoughts are rather random. Sometimes they border on the imaginary.

Here are some random thoughts submitted this week. If you’d like to answer some of them, or post your own random thoughts or questions, post them in the comments section at the bottom.

Here we go!

Can a computer simulation create itself inside itself?

Why do muscles start to twitch for no apparent reason?

I feel like every year there is a “the moon only looks like this every 100 years” event.

Someone should make a dating app specifically for introverts who want to skip the “pretending my life is exciting and social to impress you” phase and just be boring together.

If weed is the devils lettuce what are other drugs in Satan’s fridge?

If dogs had a 911 hotline, what dog-’emergencies’ would they call it for?

Get the credit card that rewards you for being Texan. The I AM A TEXAN Rewards Visa.

You’re God for 1 hour. What are some changes you make to the world?

What do you think Victoria’s secret really is?

If an ‘Apple a day keeps the doctor away’, what foods will keep other professions away and why?

If Mythbusters was made in ancient Rome what would be some myths they would test?

What is the perfect breakfast?

In one minute from now, all of humanity get shrinked to 1% of our normal height, and only you know about it. How do you prepare?

Why are there so many rude people on the internet?

If there was a dog high school, which breeds would fit into each social group?

Why do people who are economically disadvantaged have multiple children who they then struggle to properly care for?

If dragons were real and one broke into your house what would you do?

If you were tasked with drafting a constitution for a new society on Mars, what would you include in it?

What’s the most foul smell you’ve smelled?

What’s some advice you would give to your 16 year old self?

What movie would be most improved with Samuel L Jackson in it?

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