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Ernest Walker showed up for the free meal for Veterans offered by Chili’s in Cedar Hill, Texas on Veterans Day. He never expected the humiliation he got next.

He filmed what he says is the embarrassment of a lifetime, when the restaurant manager came up to him, accused him of NOT being a veteran and took away his meal.

Walker had his DD-214 and ID card with him. (For non-military folks, a DD-214 is your discharge paper)

The manager refused to even look at the papers and threw away Walker’s food.

All because he suspected Walker to not be a vet.

Channel 10 in Waco reports that:

Ernest Walker posted a video to Facebook on Friday of a manager taking away his meal at a Chili’s in the Dallas suburb of Cedar Hill. The Army vet wrote that the meal was taken away after another diner raised questions about the uniform Walker was wearing. Walker says the manager took his meal even after he showed him his military ID and discharge papers.

Walker says he bought the fatigues he was wearing after he was discharged as a tribute to his service.

Brinker International, which owns Chili’s, said it’s taking the matter “very seriously.”

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Walker’s lawyer was set to meet with the company Monday. Later in the day the president of the Chili’s restaurant chain says the manager who took away a veteran’s free Veterans Day meal has been “removed” from the job.

In a statement issued Monday, Chili’s President Kelli Valade also said she personally apologized to Walker for the manager’s actions and thanked him for his service to the country.


The full video can be seen here:

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