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Since the election, the media has been inundating us with reports of “Trump supporters’ committing hate crimes. One by one they’ve been getting disproved.

If there are really so many hate crimes, and so much racism and homophobia in the United States, why do certain members of these groups feel the need to fake hate crimes against themselves? Attention maybe?

Here’s a list of some of the ‘hate crimes’ which have been reported on, all of which were found by authorities to be fabricated. Furthermore, I find these ‘hate crimes’ to be suspicious since there are never any smart phone recordings. Below, you’ll see a list of ‘anti-Trump’ violence, and EVERY SINGLE one of them has video evidence.

1. Muslim student at University of Louisiana who claimed she was assaulted by two white men wearing Trump hats the day after election day. She claimed they ripped off her hijab. She was lying and later charged with making a false report..

2. Gay man Chris Ball claimed that he suffered slurs yelled at him by gay men who then followed him out of a bar and hit him with a bottle. According to Snopes, the bartender doesn’t remember it that way, and he actually got in a heated argument with another gay man. Additionally, the Santa Monica Police discredit the story by saying that no hate crime happened.

3. Liberals claim that the KKK held a celebratory victory demonstration in North Carolina in honor of Trump’s election victory. Nope. The photo shared was the KKK, but it was an old photo recycled to fit the current agenda.

4. The day after election day, Trump supporters began flying Nazi flags in San Fransisco according to Occupy Democrats facebook group. Again, not so. While a Nazi flag was flown, the owner of the house says that it was in protest of Trump’s victory, that she voted for Hillary, and people viewing the flag should see it as a protest against Trump.

5. A knife was said to have been pulled on a Muslim woman on a bus in Illinois after a friend’s sister posted the report on Twitter. A call to both the local and the University Police Departments reveals that no report was ever made, nor is there any security footage from the bus to back up the claim. (Really, before making a false report, make sure there are no cameras around.)

I could go on and on.

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The point is, if this is really happening (it isn’t) then why do so many people feel the need to make stuff like this up?

In the meantime, the media is OUTRIGHT IGNORING horror stories of millennial liberals beating up white people because they must be Trump supporters, and unlike the ‘friend of a friend’ accounts from our liberal colleagues, these ones are captured on the devices all of us carry in our pockets. Our smartphones.

Here’s a short list of liberals beating up whites who they THINK may be Trump supporters:

Warning, some of these are graphic.

1. Costa Mesa, California

2. San Jose, California

3. Woodside, California

4. Houston, Texas

5. Portland, Oregon

I will leave you with this video. THIS is why I don’t believe any of these reports any more until I see hard evidence. ABC News came to Texas to bash us over our treatment of gay people. They left wondering how they’d judged Texans so wrong.

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