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Listen to this.

Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts has banned the American flag after they lowered it due to President-elect Trump’s presidential victory and a student subsequently burned the flag in protest of his election.

You can’t make this stuff up. bannedwdqwrfqew

And veterans around the nation are PISSED.

Breitbart is reporting that Veterans groups from around New England will be protesting outside the campus this week and:

Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash announced last Friday that the flag’s removal would be indefinite.

Lash said in an email that the flag was removed to allow for discussion at the college.

“There’s other ways that he (Lash) could have dealt with this,” VFW Post Commander Victor A. Nunez Ortiz said. “(Removing) our flag is disrespectful not just to the men and women who have served, but to all Americans who believe our flag is a symbol of freedom.”

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It is the opinion of this author that the school should be free to do what it wishes in regards to the American flag because of their 1st Amendment rights to free speech.

However, it is also my opinion that banning the American flag should result in the school losing all access to federal funds, including grants and loans, since they obviously don’t want to be part of our nation.

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