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A fella in Texas wants to join a Church so he picks a Church, goes in, and tells the pastor he’d like to join. The pastor tells him ok, however he needed to ask him a few questions first, because they wanted serious and dedicated members only. The fella say’s alright; and the pastor says “Here’s your first question:. Where was Jesus from?” The fella thinks about it for a bit and says in an uncertain way “Longview.” the Pastor looks at him kinda sad and tells him he’s sorry but that is the incorrect answer and if he doesn’t know that answer, then there’s no reason to go any further, that if he wanted to be a member he should go home and study and come back when he knows more about the Bible.

Undaunted the fella goes to a different Church, walks in and tells the pastor that he wanted to join; again the pastor says he’s have to ask him a few questions first, and the first question was. “Where was Jesus born?”
The fella rubs his chin and squints a bit and thinks really hard, then proudly proclaims “Tyler!” The pastor slowly nods his head and kinda chuckles a little and proceeds to tell him he’s wrong and to go read his Bible more, and study up and come back when he’s ready.

By this time this fella is kinda perplexed but being determined he goes to a third Church and asks to join, wherein the pastor says, “Ok You can join”, and starts telling the fella all about the Church and schedules and all ..when the fella suddenly interrupts the pastor saying, “now wait a minute, don’t you need to ask me any questions to be a member?” the pastor says, “No he didn’t need to ask any questions, why?.” The fella relay’s what happened to previously, the pastor nods his head in an understanding way while listening when the fella end’s the story with, “Well do you mind if I ask you a question?” the pastor says, “Sure ask away..”
so the fella asks him. “Just where was Jesus from?!”
The pastor replies with confidence “Palestine, or course.”
The fella slap’s his knee and declares joyfully “I Knew it was somewhere in East Texas!!!”


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