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And who doesn’t love this couple? They are a real definition of relationship goals. Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are the couple behind HGTV’S most exciting before and after renovations. They have a very beautiful marriage and a Christian foundation which is just perfection. Their sense of teamwork will leave you totally inspired. There are a number of reasons why they are everybody’s favorite couple.

  1. A Great Marriage. The Texas-based couple have a beautiful marriage and wonderful children. They live together and parent together. They are blessed with four kids and this makes their family even more adorable.
  2. They are strong Believers in God. Joanna found her calling and her husband did a great role in helping her believe in herself. Theirs is a story of love, Faith and success. They carry themselves in a way that you can observe that they are faithful servants of God. They also bring up their children in a Godly manner.
  3. They work together. Chip handles all of the construction while Joanna is a master of interior design. They work together and have so much fun. Not many couples can stand working together without lots of quarrels. They a perfect match and watching them is so amazing.
  4. They really complement each other. Chip is always full of energy and all clumsy while Joanna is a bit more reserved and calm in nature. They make these differences their biggest strength, combining their forces together to be the best in their businesses. They prove that opposites really do attract, and can even make excellent business partners.
  5. They are not afraid of showing their love to each other. Chip always describe himself as a winner because he married her. He keeps appreciating her and giving her cute names. And how could Joanna not love him back? He’s an adorable goofball who showers his wife with affection, and she gives him right back.
  6. Supporting each other in life.  Chip encouraged Joanna to pursue her dream of opening up a boutique, resulting in Magnolia Market. They do the same for their kids, pushing them to go after what they’re passionate about, whether it’s playing baseball or reading books.
  7. They are a hilarious team. Chip is always going to make you smile! But he and Joanna combined will make you laugh your brains out. Chip is always out to impress his queen.
  8. They make peoples dreams come true. Their whole show is about helping people find affordable homes and renovating them to make them their dream home.They may be a carpenter and designer but they make people’s hearts warm.
  9. They live in a Farm house with their beautiful kids and animals. It is just way too cool.
  10. They love their extended Family. Chip and Joanna’s parents often make appearances on the show and this adds to their authenticity and shows us their real personality.
  11. Their Texas Community loves them. They are clearly good role models.
  12. Both are graduates of Baylor University.Surprisingly this is not where they met.
  13. They own Magnolia Market!
  14. They are not money hungry. The couple sticks to a budget.
  15. They always finish their projects. This makes everyone love them more.

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