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Moments ago, President Trump selected Neil Gorsuch to fill the late Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court.

Trump named Gorsuch, a well-respected conservative who sits on the Colorado-based 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, after a drama-packed day that resembled the president’s former reality show “The Apprentice.”

Trump said he has promised to nominate a judge who respected the law and loved the Constitution.

“Millions of voters said this was the single most important issue to them and I am a man of my word and will do what I say, something the American people have been asking of Washington for a very long time,” Trump said.

If confirmed by the Senate, Gorsuch would fill out a court split evenly between conservatives and liberals, with Justice Antonin Kennedy, an appointee of President Reagan, often casting the swing vote.

A Denver native, Gorsuch was appointed to the appeals court by President George W. Bush in 2006. He served as a law clerk for the late Justice Byron White and Justice Anthony Kennedy in the early 1990s.

In 2013, Gorsuch joined the appeals court in siding with the craft store chain Hobby Lobby and Christian bookstore chain Mardel Inc. in its challenge of ObamaCare’s mandate that requires employer health care plans to cover birth control.

In a concurring opinion in the case, Gorsuch said it was “not for secular courts to rewrite the religious complaint of a faithful adherent, or to decide whether a religious teaching about complicity imposes ‘too much’ moral disapproval on those only “indirectly” assisting wrongful conduct.”

“Whether an act of complicity is or isn’t ‘too attenuated’ from the underlying wrong is sometimes itself a matter of faith we must respect,” he wrote.

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The Supreme Court upheld that decision in a 5-4 vote.

SCOTUSblog, the leading Supreme Court blog, described some of Gorsuch’s parallels to Scalia as “eerie.”

“He is an ardent textualist (like Scalia); he believes criminal laws should be clear and interpreted in favor of defendants even if that hurts government prosecutions (like Scalia); he is skeptical of efforts to purge religious expression from public spaces (like Scalia); he is highly dubious of legislative history (like Scalia); and he is less than enamored of the dormant commerce clause (like Scalia),” the blog wrote.

At 49, Gorsuch would be the youngest member of the court — a major consideration for Trump, who wants his picks to potentially remain on the bench for decades. Supreme Court justices receive lifetime appointments.

Off the bench, Gorsuch in 2006 published a book called The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia, criticizing the practice and defending the “intrinsic value” of human life. He also contributed to The Law of Judicial Precedent last year.

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