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I didn’t realize the world was full of so many wimps until after the 2016 election. They crept out of the woodwork and now they just won’t freaking go away.

If this country is ever under attack, we know who is going down first. That could be the only positive I have to say about this group of radicals. I’m ashamed for them as Americans.

They expect us to listen as they scream to the heavens (that they don’t believe it) ‘HOW DID THIS EVER HAPPEN?!’

Well this guy knows exactly how it happened. and his opinion is being shared and applauded all over the country.

VIA| Unbelievably, folks on the Left are still trying to figure out what happened in the last election. Thankfully, one man just laid it all out.

To my knowledge, no one has said it better. Brendon O’Neil penned a letter entitled “Trump?! How did this happen?” that tells the Liberals their attitude created the movement they are now railing against.

Here is the full text of O’Neill’s Post:


It happened because you banned super-size sodas. And smoking in parks. And offensive ideas on campus. Because you branded people who oppose gay marriage ‘homophobic’, and people unsure about immigration ‘racist’. Because you treated owning a gun and never having eaten quinoa as signifiers of fascism. Because you thought correcting people’s attitudes was more important than finding them jobs. Because you turned ‘white man’ from a description into an insult. Because you used slurs like ‘denier’ and ‘dangerous’ against anyone who doesn’t share your eco-pieties. Because you treated dissent as hate speech and criticism of Obama as extremism. Because you talked more about gender-neutral toilets than about home repossessions. Because you beatified Caitlyn Jenner. Because you policed people’s language, rubbished their parenting skills, took the piss out of their beliefs. Because you cried when someone mocked the Koran but laughed when they mocked the Bible. Because you said criticising Islam is Islamophobia. Because you kept telling people, “You can’t think that, you can’t say that, you can’t do that”. Because you turned politics from something done by and for people to something done to them, for their own good. Because you treated people like shit. And people don’t like being treated like shit. Trump happened because of you.

O’Neil has the wonderful ability to say what millions of Americans are thinking and feeling, yet are unable to communicate effectively. Well, now they can.

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I hope some people on the Left are listening, but I have my doubts. You see, Liberals are so lost in their own philosophies and agenda that they cannot possibly entertain any thoughts that don’t originate from their own people.

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