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Hilary Savage was checking the email account which she shares with her husband last Thursday morning and was shocked and horrified to read an abusive email from William (Bill) Horner, a benefits coordinator at the Temple, Texas Veterans Affairs Hospital.

Her husband, Shane, was enrolled in the Vocational Rehabilitation program through the VA, and had some health issues requiring him to suspend his involvement in VR until he could get his health issues (none of our business) conquered.

So when Hilary opened her email, she was mortified.

Here is a screen shot of the email:

Note Mr. Horner’s statement:



Infuriated, Mrs. Savage replied with this email: (In her own words because it is incredibly written and passionate, and it tells the entire story)

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Mr. Horner,

I hope this email finds you in good spirits. I am emailing you in regards to and on behalf of my spouse Shane Savage, who was unsure how to reply to the email you sent to him this morning. I am sure you educated yourself on Shane’s file and in doing so you read that he was hospitalized for a blood clot in his amputated leg on January 18, 2017 and was released on January 24, 2017. Shane was in classes for less than a week when this happened and at the point of discharge he was advised of several upcoming appointments and that he would not be able to wear his prosthetic leg for several months after he was cleared from CFI in San Antonio. Knowing this Shane contacted Ms. Meeks as well as the college to drop the classes. The classes were dropped within the appropriate window at the college. Shane has left several voicemails and has called the VocRehab several times to return the laptop and printer that were sent to him, as Ms. Meeks advised he would be charged for them if he was not in school and the items were not returned. Shane had intentions of returning to college again in the summer but was going to return the items just in case things did not work out in the long run. Again I am sure you saw all those notes in the file that you read on my husband before you sent that email.

I apologize on my husband’s behalf, see Shane suffers from what we call TBI and with that he forgets to check his email daily, he also has anxiety from his PTSD which can make him a bit overwhelmed at times, especially when you requested documents that were already in the file Ms. Meeks created for him, along with the list of potential employers, again, I am sure you saw that in the file that you reviewed.

(Below) In the email you sent this morning, you asked about where he will be employed and if he had a job lined up, I thought that was the point of your position, to assist in job training and education so that service members like Shane can obtain gainful employment, if I am wrong please let me know? You might want to also have the VocRehab mission statement changed too. I cant help but think if it were not for soldiers like Shane who need the added assistance from VocRehab due to disabilities, that you would not have a job, just food for thought.

Also in your email you stated that “YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR A HOBBY” It was my understanding that my husband earned these entitlements with his 15 years of service in the united states military, I also assumed that the government paid for the services, not YOU personally, have no fear, your pocket book wont take a hit for this as he has not received a dime of YOUR money from this program.

I found your email to be very disrespectful, abrasive and unprofessional. You are there to support wounded veterans who need your help, to send such a unprofessional email to someone like you did, will only damage what little bit of esteem these men and women have, but you discourage and prevent them from trying to better themselves. You put a hurtle in their way after they already broke their knees, backs, families and minds for their country, they are looking to get fixed and placing things like this in their way damages them. You make it unpleasant and in turn they become discouraged, I strongly feel it is emails and behavior like this that prevent soldiers from getting help in ALL aspects of their lives, essentially leading to that magic number of “22” a day. People might not remember what you say to them Mr. Horner, but they WILL NEVER FORGET HOW YOU MAKE THEM FEEL. More food for thought.

Please reply with the address where the printer and computer are to be returned, If your plan is to help my husband in this manner, then he does not need your help and we will go a different route.

Best Regards,

Hilary Savage

The VA’s new poster boy for abuse, William Horner, quickly realized that he was going to make the evening news if he didn’t backtrack. He replied with this email: (misspellings and typos left on purpose)

VocRehab *** REPLY***

Horner, William, VBAWAC

Hide details

March 3, 2017, 8:07 AM
Hello and good morning,

Mr Savage,

I was looking at Ms Meeks notes concerning the computer system and your situation does not require that you return it because you are still in VocRehab, you are just taking care of SCD medical issues, and that is the type of program that was written, to allow you and the case manager to evaluate the feasibility of completing the training to employment is part of the IEEP. So, Mr Savage the computer is yours.

I just need to follow-up on your medical care and better understand how to proceed with your plan to further assist you. If that means interrupting your program till you are able to train to employment or if you decide you would rather close your program for this time and reapply at a later date that is more accommodating to you then that is what we can do. It does not affect your ability to reapply at a later date. If is just the IEEP is about to expire and VR&E has to make a determination of feasibility to go to the next program or to close.

Sir, as a disabled veteran of 22 years retired Army, I understand the issues of dealing with our SCDs and attempting to adjust to civilian life, yours appears to be even more of a challenge.The goal of VR&E is to evaluate each Veteran and provide the best option (s) to allow the Veteran to make a decision.

Mr. Savage, have you received your wheelchair yet that meets your specific needs? Have you been in contact with supported housing to evalute your needs to and from your home, and any changes that may be required in your home? Temple Socail Worker was Lucille Roane 254-742-4735 for assistance.

I cound these on google

Mr. Savage if this is not what you were looking for let me know and I will continue my search. Harker Heights Vet center may always need a good group facilitator too. Please do not hesitate to email me as I typically respond to that within a few minutes. BTW, GW Bush has his ranch in Crawford TX just down the road and remember he host those sporting events with wounded warriors. Shawn Hannity of FOX News sponsors the trancked wheehchairs too.

BTW, if you would rather I drive there for a meeting then let me know and I can reserve a gov car and come there.

Mr Horner


Updates to this story are being posted here:

Bill Horner appears to have a LinkedIn account which can be found here.

Featured image courtesy US Department of Veterans Affairs PAO.

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