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In a welcomed departure from former President Barack Obama’s empty assurances about his administration’s transparency during his presidential campaigns, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asserts that President Donald Trump’s transparency far exceeds anything Obama demonstrated during his eight years in the White House.

After personally meeting with Trump, Paxton was pleasantly surprised to find that the new president’s transparent and productive itinerary was a direct contrast to Obama’s hidden and destructive agenda.

“The president was very different than I expected – he was very funny,” Paxton told Townhall. “I thought he was much more down to earth than I expected – just kind of like he was one of us. He was really interesting – no pretense.”

Not your Obama White House

The attorney general was also impressed with the way Trump made a special effort to make him feel significant and appreciated.

“And I also felt like he wanted us to have a good experience – like he was going out of his way – so he took a picture,” Paxton continued. “He was very engaging, talking to us, took lots of pictures.”

The Texas lawyer went on to marvel at how diplomatic and hospitable Trump was to Democratic AGs who also met with the president in Washington, D.C.

“He said, ‘Hey do you guys want to go to the Oval Office?'” Paxton recounted. “Kind of like, ‘Hey, come see my office.’ And then he goes, ‘Oh wait, let me put it a different way: does anybody not want to come?’ And, of course, who didn’t want to come, so he walked us down there and came in from the outside – which I never come into the Oval Office from the outside… He sat down at his desk and answered questions, took pictures.”

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Paxton also stressed how Trump took time out of his hectic schedule to make the other AGs feel at home – in the midst of making their lives much easier through legal actions of his own from the Oval Office.

“They’ve already rescinded one executive order where the guidelines that Obama put on Title VII and Title IX,” Paxton shared. “They also stepped out of – they withdrew from – part of our lawsuit on voter ID, in relation to discriminatory purpose. So we’re seeing positive steps that we never saw under the Obama Administration. He’s already accomplished more in whatever – I guess he’s been there what, two weeks – we’ve gotten more done than we’ve gotten done in our first two years of Obama.”

An administration that obeys the law

Paxton went on to emphasize the extreme dichotomy between Obama’s administration and Trump’s when it comes to following and honoring the law.

“[The Obama White House] was unrelenting,” Paxton impressed. “They didn’t care what the law said – they wouldn’t talk to us. They were just… they didn’t care. We definitely have a better relationship – way, way better already.”

Besides touching on how Trump has already been diligent in his effort to roll back Obama’s bathroom mandate requiring public schools to accommodate transgenders or forfeit federal funding, Paxton spoke about the newly sworn-in president’s progress to eradicate the former administration’s establishment of sanctuary cities that provide refuge for criminals and illegal immigrants.

“If you’re not going to follow the law, then we’re not going to fund your city or your municipality – or  whatever government entity it is,” the legal expert from Texas asserted regarding local governments that refuse to cooperate with ICE agents. “We’re not going to provide funds for it, and in the Senate bill – there w[ere] actually some penalties – and they put an amendment on that …  added criminal penalties for not following the law.”

Another commendation the attorney from the Lone Star State gave to Trump pertained to his attempt to restore many of the powers taken from the states by the federal government.

“What I like about President Trump is that he has moved in the direction of actually following the Constitution, separation of powers and federalism – where the states retain powers as much as possible, and he’s pushed the power back to Texas … back to our states.”



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