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Here is a plan for replacing Obamacare I could actually support:

Replace Obamacare with an index card that reads:

1. All clinics and hospitals shall provide a price list for all services.
2. All charges due shall be paid at the time of service or put on a limited installment plan.
3. Patients may choose any healthcare provider, service, or treatment of their choice.
4. There shall be no limits on contributions or use of pre-tax HSA funds, including employer contributions. No limits on spending from these accounts for any health related reason or charge, and no expiration on these funds.
5. Health insurance shall be limited to catastrophic/major medical or long-term care only, and shall pay out to the patient’s choice of care provider, at the prices on the price list.
6. These plans shall be high-deductible, low premium, and portable across state lines.
7. Money contributed to medical charities that provide services or pay medical bills for the poor shall be tax-deductible dollar for dollar.
8. Services donated shall likewise be deductible “in-kind.” Charities may establish independent criteria for who qualifies for their services.
9. Since patients may choose any provider of their choice, there shall be liability caps on medical malpractice suits.

H/t: Anita Morrill

What do you think about this? Chime in below!

Comment section below!

What do you think about this? Comment section below!