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When I was a soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan, we lived in CHUs (Container Housing Units) which were just converted shipping containers converted into barracks.

I always thought that I might buy one some day to convert into a shop or man cave.

Then this morning, I saw this listing for a container home right here in Texas.

Here’s the video posted by the realtor:

The caption from the realtor reads:

This shipping container that has been converted into a 320 square feet tiny house in Texas is for sale. It’s a pretty sweet setup with separate bedroom and has the extra high ceilings.

“Stocked fully furnished with washer/dryer, shower, toilet, bathroom sink, electric stove, refrigerator, kitchen sink, tankless water heater and cabinets. Unit comes standard 40ft long 8ft wide and 9.6 high they have Lg Ductless ac/heat units.”

If you want to look into it, here’s all the information.

And tell them that you saw it here on I Am A Texan. 🙂


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