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The folks over at Texas Hill Country posted an April Fools Day prank a few years back, and it was taken seriously by many…

The cover photo above is an adaptation of that now infamous photo which was covered here, here, and here.

So, the blue rattlesnake is a hoax. (A funny one)

Jokes aside, there are very real dangers that exist when taking your kids out for the coveted Bluebonnet shot.

Here are three tips for taking that perfect Bluebonnet photo:

First, make sure that you and your kids are wearing long pants. As you’re walking through whichever field you’ve chosen, you certainly don’t want to attract ticks, chiggers, and other blood sucking insects which can (and do) carry various diseases.

Second, please ensure that before you place your kids where you want them to pose, that you have actually scanned the general vicinity for rattlesnakes living among the bluebonnets, fire ants (my oldest son fell victim to fire ants last year and had welts for weeks), and other critters which exist in Texas’ numerous fields.

Finally, be sure that you’re taking your photo in a SAFE and LEGAL area. Parking on I-35 and taking photos is ill-advised, as is trespassing on private property. Make sure you have permission to enter private lands, and if there are any ‘no trespassing’ signs or marked posts, stay away.

Most importantly, have fun!

Get the credit card that rewards you for being Texan. The I AM A TEXAN Rewards Visa.

The Bluebonnet photos you take today will be in your family forever.

Make memories.

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