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It happens like this.

A natural disaster occurs. Then politicians and celebrities tell you to donate to the Red Cross by texting a code to a number, or visiting their website. Many do. Millions and Billions are raised… and then…

According to many that they were supposed to have helped, absolutely nothing.

There are three natural disasters which we will examine the Red Cross response. First is Hurricane Katrina, the second is the Haiti Earthquake, and the third is the attack on September 11th, 2001.

Based on unbiased media reporting, I think you’ll agree that donating to the Red Cross is about as good as setting your money on fire based on the results.

First, Hurricane Katrina.

The LA Times reported this:

The Red Cross expects to raise more than $2 billion before Hurricane Katrina-related giving subsides. If it takes care of 300,000 people, that’s $7,000 per victim. I doubt each victim under Red Cross care will see more than a doughnut, an interview with a social worker and a short-term voucher for a cheap motel, with a few miscellaneous items such as clothes and cooking pots thrown in.

Second, the Haiti Earthquake.

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National Public Radio wrote a scathing criticism of the American Red Cross and its mismanagement of funds. The full story is here.

NPR reported in their story that while over $500 million was raised for Haitian victims, they can’t find proof of a fraction of that had been actually spent on Haitian relief.

When a devastating earthquake leveled Haiti in 2010, millions of people donated to the American Red Cross. The charity raised almost half a billion dollars. It was one of its most successful fundraising efforts ever. The American Red Cross vowed to help Haitians rebuild, but after five years the Red Cross’ legacy in Haiti is not new roads, or schools, or hundreds of new homes. It’s difficult to know where all the money went… The Red Cross says it has provided homes to more than 130,000 people, but the number of permanent homes the charity has built is six.

Six Haitian homes for $500 million? That’s $80 Million per home! Boy, wish I could own one of those! (In reality, Haitian homes cost under $20,000)

Something doesn’t smell right here, and I’m smelling smoke. Both from it getting blown in my general direction, and also from my friends’ money being burned.

Finally, the most elaborate of all the Red Cross scandals. In the wake of September 11th, the Red Cross raised over $1 Billion (that’s with a B) for victims and their families after 9/11. With just over 3,000 victims, each family should have received right at $3,000,000 from the Red Cross (do the math yourself if you don’t believe me).

So where did the money go?

According to the Huffington Post, it mostly went into the coffers of the American Red Cross for future disasters.

And all that blood we donated? Sold off to the highest bidder (including for medical experimentation), further filling the Red Cross coffers.

Here’s a short excerpt from HuffPo’s piece:

Americans have a short and forgiving historical memory. Most can remember last year’s Super Bowl champs and World Series winners, but few seem able to remember a $1 billion scandal involving the American Red Cross following 9/11, America’s most disastrous terrorist or military attack on its homeland. The details are brief. The Red Cross responded to 9/11 by opening a few shelters to which no one came; tried to trace missing persons but were pushed aside when the World Trade Center site was dubbed a crime scene and police and FBI took over identification of missing persons; and, served coffee and donuts to rescue workers at the World Trade Center site only to be accused of charging for them. (It later paid Daniel Bouley, New York’s star chef, to cook for them after the news about charging for coffee was made public.)

All of the articles cited above have links in blue so that you can further research the American Red Cross for yourself.

I, personally, won’t give another dime of my money to an organization who, like a magician, seems to make my money disappear. I have donated to them in the past, but no more.

Also, if you have donated to them, it really is the motivation that matters. Be mad at them for not remaining accountable and honest, not at us for exposing (again) their many inconsistencies. Perhaps one day they will return to being the great organization envisioned by Clara Barton.

For their part, the American Red Cross has a 4 out of 5 star rating with the Charity Watchdog “Charity Navigator”. The full review can be found here.

For the Hurricane Harvey effort, here’s what I recommend:

Samaritan’s Purse Volunteer Network: volunteer for at least 3 days to join a team in the coastal area. Info & sign up:…/

-> From the Cajun Navy: If you or someone you know are in need of rescue, please download the Zello app, type in Texas search and rescue, and then search for any search and rescue close to your vicinity. This will connect you with officials on the ground there that can navigate help your way. See

-> Milk banks for babies —

****NEEDS from Counties:

*NEW* -> Hidalgo County
Need: non-perishable items for 1st repsponders impacted by Harvey — Drop off at Border Patrol Union Office, Monday 8-8, Tuesday 8-6, 4179 Crosspoint Blvd, Edinburg, TX 78539. Items: water, canned goods, bars, chips, gatorade, jerky, socks, batteries, first aid kids, trash bags, tarps.

-> Aransas County
Needs: generators and/or funds to purchase generators – Chairman Ric Young,

-> Dallas County
Need: Trusted World has a donation drive – drop off clothing 8am-6pm. More info:

-> DeWitt County, Chairman Regina Ross-Cowan, 903-263-6691,

Need #1: The DeWitt County Office of Emergency Management urgently needs 1-2 nurses to assist in the shelter. Call 361-275-0878

Need #2: The shelter in Cuero at the Cuero Intermediate School is in need of certain food items to assist with feeding those affected by Hurricane Harvey. — Bread, buns, chips, hot dogs, cookies, individually packaged snacks, non-perishable breakfast items (cereal, donuts, bars), plates, plastic ware, napkins

-> Fort Bend County
Needs: volunteers to help with flood cleanup in the days to come – contact Chairman Jacey Jetton, 713-518-6063,

-> Galveston County:

Need #1: Bay Area Church is a shelter for evacuees and needs blankets, towels, food/water. Also: diapers, feminine products, trash bags, crockpot, towels, dry clothes/socks, bedding, cots. Address: 4800 W Main St, League City, TX 77573

Need #2: League City PD is looking for people with boats to assist with rescue and evacuation. Please call 281-554-1075

-> Harris County –
Need #1: Houston OEM & PD urgently requests high water vehicles or boats to help with rescues. Call 713-881-3100, ask for the Fire Marshal

Need #2: George R. Brown Convention Center is a shelter — needs supplies, especially wheelchairs. 1001 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, TX 77010

Need #3: Rescuing in the Telge area — Pleasant Grove Rd., Cypress, TX

-> Nueces County (Corpus Christi) –

Need #1: On Monday 8/28, 9-1pm, Calallen High School football players will be accepting water, canned foods, clothes, etc. to be delivered to Rockport victims. More info:…/calallen-tuloso-midway-fo…/468238936

*NEW* – Need #2: Broadcast Church is a shelter and needs items such as diapers, formula, hygiene/toiletries for adults & babies, paper towels, trash bags, canned goods. Drop off at 7451 Bay Area Drive, Corpus Christi

*NEW* -> Williamson County (Austin area) –
Need: Generations Church is collecting donations for Houston flood relief. Trucks leave @ 10am Tuesday. Drop off water, towels, blankets, diapers, wipes, dry formula, baby bottles at main parking lot – 1461 E. Woodview Dr., Leander, Tx 78641, 512-616-7000

-> Aransas, Brazos, Colorado, Galveston, Guadalupe, Harris, Lavaca, Live Oak, San Patricio: standby for needs from flooding. Will be organizing work days in hardest-hit areas in the days/weeks to come.

****OFFERS from counties:

-> Aransas County – AT&T has set up a mobile communication in front of the Emergency Operation/Public Safety Center. It can be used for calling and texting outside of Rockport if you are within 3 miles of the Center.

-> Atascosa County, Marian Knowlton,, 210-831-6079
Available: generators, tarps, & gas cans for sale, can be delivered

-> Concho County, Beth Grounds,, 325-483-5430
Sending teams of people and resources

*NEW* -> Harris County – Jason Weingart is in Houston for water rescue. If you’re trapped, call Savannah at 512-876-0069. She’s coordinating the efforts.

*NEW* -> Nueces County — private individual driving to Corpus Christi with a thousand tarps for roofs, 3 generators to sell, vacuum truck, and a commercial pressure washing crew, bobcat and dump trailer. Contact: Tony, 830-392-6059,

****Can you help with these needs? Comment here, or email

****Can you donate to help with other needs? Consider giving through these organizations:
Salvation Army:
Texas Baptist Men:

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