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At least two Cajun Navy leaders have denied claims that they’re regrouping or leaving Texas because some of the volunteers were shot at in Houston this week. One leader says the allegations are holding up her efforts to dispatch assistance to those in need.

Clyde Cain was quoted in the media as saying he heard that one of his crews was shot at by alleged looters. Houston Police were involved, he said. However, Houston authorities say they have no reports of any such incident, the Associated Press reports.

Cain’s original post on Louisiana Cajun Navy about the incident has been removed, but a video on the news coverage so far on this incident is still on the page. That video can be seen below:

Late yesterday, the following was posted on the Cajun Navy 2016:


Cajun Navy 2016 is not the group or individual that made the statements about shots fired at Cajun Navy Rescuers or about looters trying to steal their boats. Those comments were made by CLYDE CAIN founder of LOUISIANA CAJUN NAVY NOT by Cajun Navy 2016. We are two separate groups and are NOT affiliated in ANY way. The statements that were made were brought to our attention soon after it went viral. I was asked by reporters about these incidents. I told them that I HEARD that it happened. By no means did I say it definitely happened. Just wanted to make this post to make sure everyone has the FACTS. The next thing. Rumors say that we are leaving Texas. That is absolutely FALSE. Cajun Navy 2016 is staying til the last rescue is completed. God Bless.

Jon Bridgers Sr.
CAJUN Navy 2016

Also late yesterday, the following was posted by Katie Heaslip Pechon, administrator of the Cajun Navy Ops page:

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One last post about this

NO ONE shot or is shooting at ANY OF OUR CREW, Cajun Navy ( Rescue Op. Page ). That statement was made by another individual who is NOT affiliated with us. Please tag whoever you need to and share to whatever news outlet. Our rescue ops are running very smooth. While we are trying to get to all request as quickly as possible, these types of accusations seriously hold us up. Instead of answering rescue request I’ve had to speak to multiple new outlets and comment on multiple Facebook post. Follow our page and any of the guys you see that have been tagged in multiple post with me. That’s who you want to follow. Thank you in advance and apologies for the directness.

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