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There’s a petition circulating (it can be accessed by clicking here) that requests the city of Houston to make August 26th a local holiday honoring Mattress Mack.
Jim McIngvale, known as Mattress Mack around Houston (and the rest of Southeast Texas) didn’t wait for city officials to ask him to help, he just helped. He opened the doors of his warehouses and stores so that evacuees and rescuers could have a safe place to stay while Houston weathered out the storm.

The petition reads:

It’s time, Houston it’s time, that Mattress Mack deserves his own Houston’s day/ key to the city. During Hurricane Harvey he turned the key to his locations and opened them up as Shelters. This man is a Houston icon that deserves to be remembered forever. Signing this petition will help us get what he deserves August 26 is to be declared as Mattress Mack Day in Houston.

I personally think that Texas can do one better.

Perhaps we should deliver the same sentiment to Governor Abbott and our legislators and see what we can do about honoring Mattress Mack across Texas.

Perhaps a statue in his honor at the capitol.

What do you think?

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What do you think about this? Comment section below!