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So-called “Dreamers” are foreign nationals who were brought to the United States as children, have never lived anywhere else, and have no criminal record.

During his campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump pledged to create a deportation force and purge the United States of illegal immigrants.

Today, he wavered on that pledge.

His move is seen as compassionate by some, pragmatic by more, and a broken promise by many of his most devout supporters.

The Washington Times is reporting:

Top administration officials told Congress on Tuesday that illegal immigrant Dreamers should be granted a full pathway to citizenship, seemingly contradicting President Trump who said last month that citizenship wasn’t on the table.

With just two days to go before the final deadline for Dreamers to renew protections under the Obama-era deportation amnesty program known as DACA, officials were on Capitol Hill to defend their handling of the situation.

They said that with the exception of Puerto Ricans affected by hurricanes, the Oct. 5 renewal deadline will remain in place, saying it’s up to Congress to figure out some more permanent protections.

Michael Dougherty, assistance Homeland Security secretary for strategy and policy, said the nearly 700,000 Dreamers currently protected by DACA have earned it.

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“They’re a benefit to the country, as are many immigrants coming in,” he said. “They are a valuable contribution to our society. We need to regularize their status through some legal means.”

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There is an estimated population of 1 million “Dreamers” in Texas at this moment.

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