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When a politician reaps benefits for awarding overpriced government contracts, then voters need to take note.

Reporters have uncovered at least $129,000 in questionable campaign contributions to George P. Bush in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Most of the contractors had never given to a Texas politician before, and then within a day or two after receiving multi-million dollar contracts from George P. Bush they suddenly felt compelled to “donate”.

I call them bribes.

From the Austin American-Statesmen:

Recent scrutiny of contracting at the land office, which is handling the state’s emergency housing services after Hurricane Harvey, began when the Texas Tribune last week revealed that more than two dozen employees of the Horne LLP consulting group gave Bush a combined $27,500 in political contributions three days after the agency awarded the firm a $13.5 million contract to assist with financial oversight of Harvey-related projects.

The Houston Chronicle on Friday reported that James W. Turner Construction won a $20 million land office contract in October — a month after its president and CEO gave Bush $5,000 — and that Florida-based Windstorm Mitigation won a $9 million contract to install temporary housing units two weeks after its president gave Bush $2,500.

At least nine other companies tied to political contributions to Bush have won contracts from the land office during his tenure, according to an American-Statesman analysis of contracting records from the agency and the Legislative Budget Board and campaign finance data from the Texas Ethics Commission.

Bush has called this a “non-story” and is refusing to return the contributions.

Even if they are legal, with a campaign kitty north of $3 million, why would he double down on something like this? Unless he’d have to give back much much more than what the reporters uncovered.

I smell a rat, folks.



Featured photo courtesy NBC News.

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