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by Julia Robb

Texans: We settled from the pine country to the Rio Grande, from the Gulf to the Canadian River, and we paid for it in blood.
We paid at the Alamo, and at Goliad.
We fought at San Jacinto together, paying with more blood, and we won: thank you for your leadership Sam Houston.
Comanches watered the plains with our blood because we had nothing between us and them but a Winchester and The Texas Rangers.
Our fathers fought side by side against the Nazis and the Japanese, against the Koreans, the Viet Cong, and all stripes of Middle Eastern armies.
Now, Texans are ready to cut each other’s throats, and over what!
Let me tell you where I stand.
In the middle.
I understand why conservatives–and a majority of Texans are conservative–are angry at liberals.
You’re tired of their scorn; scorn they express over your belief system and your intellect.
You’re tired of the moral judgment and feelings of superiority.
Yeah they do feel those things. I’ve seen it.
Yet, I’ve also seen what conservatives do.
Conservatives protect their belief systems by closing their ears, refusing to take in any fact –no matter how relevant–and by calling other people names. Like “libtard.”
Any liberal political or cultural view is rejected, not on the merits, but just because it opposes conservative ideology.
Both sides enjoy their hatred.
It makes people feel strong. We’re a tribe. We’re the good guys and those liberals, or conservatives, are bad.
Many people base their identity on their politics.
I’m a conservative. I’m a liberal.
Let me ask you. Who would you be if you had no political opinions?
You know the last time this level of hate and loathing was on the rise in Texas?
Before the Civil War.
Sam Houston rode all over our state, begging us not to secede.
Houston said “If you go to war with the United States…It will take the flower of the country, the young men” to the grave.
We should have listened. Houston was right.
But even worse, there were plenty of Texans who opposed seceding from the Union and you know what happened to many of them?
Men who were determined to secede murdered them, shot them in the back and lynched them.
That was paying in blood, on both ends.
Now, we’re doing it again.
Folks, it’s words now but if we keep on this way, it could end up in death and separation from the Union.
Not only would that be a disaster for us, it’s just what Vladimir Putin wants.
For us to fatally weaken ourselves.
The Russians even set up a website during the last presidential campaign titled “Heart of Texas.”
The website operators disguised themselves as Texans and called for Texas to secede from the Union.
Tens of thousands of Texans supported that idea, liked it and shared it.
But not only would it be a tragedy for Texas to (even attempt) to leave the greatest nation in the world, it would stain our collective souls.
Many Texans call themselves Christians, but hate the other political side.
Yet our spiritual leader, Jesus Christ, said to love our neighbors, turn the other cheek and to do good to those who scorn us.
If you don’t (at least try to) practice those teachings, you’re not a Christian, no matter what you say.
In the 50’s and 60’s, African-Americans challenged the status quo.
And the Civil Rights movement could have been violent, except Martin Luther King Jr. preached love.
He said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
And he also said, “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”
Rather than hating, I urge you to follow Martin Luther King’s example and love those who persecute you.
Bibically, love means practicing good will.
It doesn’t mean throwing your arms around the next liberal you meet and sobbing on their shoulder.
It means wishing others well and refusing to hate them no matter what they say or how they vote.
I’m working on that. I ask you to join me.
Let’s change Texas, let’s change America, let’s change ourselves.

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