Remember: 9 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About The Alamo

5. False Hope
The Texans won four battles against Mexican armies and two months before the battle of The Alamo, the last Mexican soldier was forced out of Texas.

During those two months Texans actually thought that the war for independence was already over and they have emerged as victors, little did they knew that Mexico with such massive army was coming back to try to take over Texas again.

Jack Hays and The Wild Texas Rangers

by Julia Robb In 1840, Texas Ranger Captain Jack Hays and twenty of his men tracked down two hundred Comanches herding stolen horses. Hays said, “Yonder are the Indians, boys, and yonder are our horses. The Indians are pretty strong. But we can whip them. What do you say?” The Rangers charged, killed the Comanche leader and the rest of the warriors ran. That’s a typical Ranger story. The nineteenth century Texas Rangers were special to Texas and there’s a reason. The Rangers were quick-shooting, hard-drinking, brutal, aggressive men, “just this side of brigands and desperados,” who fought a “war […]

The Niceties of Texas

I made the move from The Panhandle to The Hill Country 15 years ago. The difference was astounding! I remember the first time I was driving down the highway and someone pulled over to let me pass. I had never seen this before and I knew I had found my new home. The people of Central Texas were the friendliest group of people I had ever encountered. When you walked into a convenience store to get a coke, you were greeted by whatever clerk happened to be on duty that day. It didn’t matter what they were doing, they stopped to say “hi”, “good morning”, or “how are you?”, but that was 15 years ago.


What is so special about being a Texan? For better or worse, people are shaped by the land and the communities they live in. A person growing up in Texas will have experiences that will have a profound influence on the way a person thinks. The people of Texas have their own distinct culture which is unlike any other that I have ever experienced. It is that culture and environment that shapes the real Texan persona.