To Sauce or not to Sauce, That is the Question

By Big Al My last blog I talked about the 2 sauces we primarily use in Texas. If you hadn’t read it shame on you, there will be a test later. Anyway As I said in my last blog, I wish I had a nickel every time someone asked me what sauce to use on their BBQ and when to apply it. Well I will tell you, the answer to that question is as the number of stars in the heavens. (cute huh?) Really, I do not know how to answer the question! What I like is 180 degrees opposite […]

This Ain’t Rocket Science You Know

by BIG AL Click here for more from Big Al Lately I have been on a lot of forums reading what people go through to cook a Brisket or Pork Butt. OMG, I learned that from my daughter and that texting crud all of them do! If some of these old ranch cooks, old time cookers and God rest his soul, my Dad, ever read some of this stuff on how to cook these pieces of meat, they would not just roll over in their graves. They would come out of them and throttle these people! I will tell you […]