The North Koreans Messed With Texas

by Boyd Taylor Immediately after North Korea successfully fired a rocket and exploded a nuclear bomb near Austin, Governor Perry sprang into action. From his bunker deep under the George H.W. Bush Library in College Station, he rejected aid from the federal government. “This is why we have the Texas Rangers,” he said, announcing that he was sending legendary Ranger Chuck Norris to deal with the North Koreans. When one of the three reporters to survive the blast asked if Norris could handle the job alone, Perry replied, “One Korea, One Ranger.” When told there were two Koreas, he said, […]

The Hero of San Jacinto (an excerpt)

by Boyd Taylor He decided to take the bus home and think about what to do next. He walked half way to the bus stop before he remembered he had left home with no money and no billfold. No UT I.D. that would have gotten him a free ride on the bus. Nothing. He doubted that Geraldo would lend him the bus fare. He took comfort in Wesley’s reaction. Together they would figure out what to do about Payne. He was still angry, furious in fact, but he didn’t have any socks on, and the pain from the blister forming […]