By Peggy Venable . CSCOPE is among the most controversial topics in the Lone Star State. Surprisingly, many Texans have never heard of it. . CSCOPE is a curriculum management system that has been sold to more than 850 Texas public, private and charter schools. It was developed by a division of the Texas Education Agency, which went to great lengths to avoid public oversight over the process. Directors of the agency’s regional Education Service Centers created a nonprofit shell organization called the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative, which exists in name only, and made themselves directors of this […]

CSCOPE: The illusion of helping Texas school children

by Alice Linahan On Monday evening in Carthage, Texas, the ladies of were invited to a symposium to discover what is behind CSCOPE, an online technology curriculum that is in 75% of school districts in the state of Texas. What was uncovered is that CSCOPE has major issues from who is behind it, how it was implemented and the fact that it is not helping districts who are struggling with failing students. CSCOPE is without a doubt connected to the Common Core philosophy of education that is being forced on 45 states across the country. It was clearly shown […]

Parents told to pay to see CSCOPE

Controversy over Texas program that described Tea Party as terror escalates by John Griffing   A controversial school curriculum management system in Texas that once included a description of the Boston Tea Party as terror, and has referenced Islamic terrorists as freedom fighters, now has been found to be trying to charge parents hundreds of dollars to see the instructional materials being used by their own children, officials said. However, under Texas Education Code Chapter 26, all parents have the undisputed right to see any and all instructional materials used in state classrooms. The program is CSCOPE, and Amy Zimmerman, […]

CSCOPE is on its way out in Lumberton ISD!

by Jon Williams   We first brought you the story of Lumberton ISD’s use of the CSCOPE curriculum after the photo of female students in Burqas (Islamic Dress) went viral. While there is nothing wrong in and of itself in play-acting and wearing costumes of those in different cultures, we discovered that the CSCOPE curriculum went further in its endorsement of the Islamic faith, degraded the Christian and Jewish faiths, and even called the men to flew the planes into the World Trade Center Buildings, the Pentagon, and Shanksville on September 11th, 2001 “Freedom Fighters” while simultaneously labeling the men […]