Jackie Robinson, “42”, and Texas

by Melvin Edwards Jackie Robinson had two Texas connections. First, he was court martialed while serving in Fort Hood in Killeen. (He was acquitted, though admittedly “guilty” of refusing to give up his seat on the military bus. He was “Rosa Parks” 10 years before she was.) A couple of years later, he served as the basketball coach at Sam Huston College — now part of Huston-Tillotson University — in Austin. . . The first of those Texas connections was barely mentioned in the current movie “42” and the second one wasn’t relevant. Though subtitle of the movie is “The […]

Tales of Woe from a Misplaced Texan in Maryland

By Melvin Edwards Melvin Edwards     I’ve lived away from Texas for 10 years now and except for the humidity and mosquitos, I try to recreate some of my old Texas experiences every day. Al Gore’s internet makes that so much easier than ever. The courageous inventor of the internet Each morning, I wake up and open the Houston Chronicle site to see what’s going on back home. I’m a long-distance Texans and Astros fan, though the Rockets have dropped off my radar lately. I can’t really explain why. Occasionally, I also check out the Austin American-Statesman site because […]