Big Trees Have Emotional Benefits

by Boyd Taylor . There is finally an explanation why people who live in older neighborhoods with large trees have less stress than those in new subdivisions, and it is not because people in the older areas tend to be wealthier and their neighborhoods more expensive. A City of Austin arborist says big trees have emotional benefits. He says there is less neighborhood stress when big trees are around. .Council will consider a program at its next meeting to bus residents from small-tree areas into big-tree neighborhoods for therapy sessions. “There will be individual and group therapy sessions, including tree-hugging […]

University of Texas Athletics Hit New High!

by Boyd Taylor It has been a record year for UT athletics. Football, basketball and baseball have all placed in the bottom of the Big 12 Conference standings. According to Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds, “We are finally getting the program where we want it to be. The money we are spending on athlete amenities is finally paying off in better adjusted student athletes, free of the win-at-all-costs atmosphere present at so many lesser rated schools. ” He went on to say, ” Our supporters are contributing millions so that our players do not have to win. No wonder UT is […]